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4 July 2019

As passionate car enthusiasts we believe a garage should never be a dumping ground for unwanted items, which is why we’re sharing our garage design ideas with you.


A well-designed garage should be able to store your car and still have some space for other storage items, for example boats, motorbikes, bicycles and/or items such as gym equipment. As passionate car enthusiasts we feel for certain that a garage should never be a dumping ground for unwanted items, which is why we’re sharing our garage design ideas with you. 

Basically, there are three important steps:

The first step in designing the perfect garage cleaning it out and throwing rubbish away.
The second step is to make more space and divide your garage into different areas. For example, if you have a car it’s important to leave enough space for the car to fit inside the garage and have enough space on each side to open the doors.

Lastly, packing should be cleverly thought out and it’s a good idea to make use of space that isn’t being used, such as ceiling space.Many garages have not been sealed off from the roof, which makes it perfect to hang or store other items such as surfboards, skis, riding gear and you could even hang your bicycles from the roof struts. We also advise investing in garage storage shelves.

Buying the perfect equipment for your garage

There are many things that can help compliment a useful garage, such as tools and equipment specialised for garage use. Here is our recommended list of garage items:

Pressure cleaner:  A pressure cleaner is great for not only cleaning your car but your house walls, motorbikes, boats, pavement and pretty much anything. Garage wall-mounted vacuum: The garage wall-mounted vacuum is a space saver, keeping your garage neat and tidy. These vacuums come with a long suction pipe which makes it easy to vacuum things anywhere in the garage. No more lugging your vacuum cleaner from your house into you garage!
Park right garage laser: this laser is perfect for making sure you park just in the right spot of your garage, the laser will shine on the vehicle once it receives the correct location of your vehicle. If you’re not ready to go so hi-tech just yet, consider nailing pool noodles along the wall, next to where you open your door. That means if you’re a bit over-zealous when you get out of the car, your door will this the pool noodle rather than the wall (ouch!).
If you’re truly passionate about preserving your car’s exterior, you’ll probably want to know more about RenewTech, a scratch and dent insurance offered through MotorHappy. With RenewTech, you are covered for the repair of minor scratches and dents, as well as interior damage to your vehicle. It will help keep your car in perfect condition!
60-piece toolbox: tools can never let you down in a garage almost anything you work on require some sort of basic tools, such as your car, motorcycles, jetskis, trailers and camping gear. Having a toolbox in your garage will certainly come in handy and can last really long if you buy a high-quality set of tools. 
Garage storage shelves: Think vertical. Invest in some good shelving and other garage storage equipment to allow you to make full use of the wall space and to keep the floor space clear.


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