Things every designated driver should know

4 September 2019

While being the designated driver is the responsible thing to do, it’s definitely not always fun! However, being a designated driver is more than just being the go-to guy after a party or night out.


While being the designated-driver is the responsible thing to do, it’s definitely not always fun! However, being a designated driver is more than just being the go-to guy after a party or night out. Here’s why being the designated driver could be the best thing that could ever happen to you:

  • Prevention of potential accidents

Drinking and driving are like oil and water. They do not go together at all. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of road accidents are caused by drunk driving. Thus, you could be saving yourself and your friends by being the designated driver. 

  • Responsibility

For at least that night, you’re the responsible friend in your clique. It’s a noble role. Plus, you could witness some hilarious conversations and shenanigans to remind your friends about the next day! 

How to be the best designated driver your friends could ask for:

  • Fill up your fuel tank: This is the very first step you should take even before going to a party. No one likes to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, least of all your drunk or slightly tipsy friends. Hence, ensure that your fuel tank is full or at least contains enough fuel to get your friends home. 
  • Ensure your car is in good condition: Are your brakes working? Does the engine need some work? It is important to ensure that your car is in perfect working condition before signing up to be the designated driver. Failure to do so could cause your car to break down in the middle of nowhere. Always remember to keep a fire extinguisher nearby. It could come in handy! (Invest in a Service Plan through MotorHappy which will help ensure your car is always up to date with its services – one less thing to worry about on the day of your big party!)
  • Don’t get distracted: Sure, it might be tempting to keep looking back and join in the hilarious jokes your friends may be churning out. However, as the designated driver, you need to keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions. Remember: your friends are counting on you to get them home safely.
  • Don’t drink: This is the most important rule of being a designated driver. No drinking on the job! When you drink before driving, you could be putting your life and the lives of your friends in great danger. 
  • Don’t speed: As a designated driver, it is important to drive slowly and carefully to avoid car accidents. Try as much as possible not to go past the speed limit. 

Being a designated driver comes with a lot of responsibilities. However, it can be really fun and it comes with lots of amazing stories to tell! 


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