Why south africans should consider driving white cars

5 July 2016

When buying a car, one of the questions you are faced with is which colour you would like. Blue, red, green, yellow, silver, gold, black, orange – the options are seemingly endless.


If you haven’t already set your heart on your favourite shade, why not consider the classic white?

White is a popular colour for cars worldwide and particularly in Africa. Ever wondered why?

White never goes out of style

Trendy metallics and bright hues come in and out of fashion, one minute you see them splashed on the cover of motoring magazines and the next, they’re gone. This is one of the reasons why white cars are so popular. White cars have a classic, timeless appeal and never really goes out of style.

White cars are way cooler

White cars are way cooler than any other colour – especially black – from a temperature view point at least.

A light coloured car reflects more sunlight than a dark car meaning you stay cool and even save on fuel. This is because the cooler the colour, the cooler the cabin air, leaving you with less need to switch on the air conditioning.

White cars are safe and easy to see

White is considered to be the most visible colour under almost all conditions except snow. What does this mean for you? Well, if people can see you at night or in bad conditions, there is less chance of you ending up in an accident.

White cars could be easier to sell

For dealerships, ordering white cars is sometimes less of a risk. Why? Although you may love your bright orange ride, this colour will definitely not be for everyone whereas white is neutral enough to appeal to the majority. This is especially relevant in the entry or mainstream markets rather than for niche or sporty makes and models which are synonymous with fun, bright and quirky colours.

Likewise, white cars would most probably also hold their value best. When compared to other trendy colour choices, choosing a white car may help preserve your vehicle's resale value. Think about it, if only five out of 20 potential buyers looking for a car like that lime green colour, they have more negotiating power and you may need to drop your price. If all 20 potential buyers are willing to go with your white ride, you have the upper hand.

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