How to repair your cracked windscreen

12 August 2019

When it comes to windscreens, there are several types of damage. Know them properly so you assess whether or not windscreen repair is possible.


Regardless of how careful you are, the windshield of your car is bound to suffer unsightly cracks and chips, which generally occur when an object hits the glass.  There are several types of damage, so you should know them properly to assess whether or not windscreen repair is something you can do yourself or if you need assistance from the professionals.


Chip or ding
A common type of break, this is usually caused by rock or debris hitting the windshield as you drive. A small piece of glass comes away from the screen, but it’s easily repairable provided you do it immediately, or it can crack and shatter the entire frame.
Bulls eye
A rock or debris of large scale causes this damage. It is circular and a bit larger than a chip or ding. If the diameter is an inch or smaller, and has no dirt in the head, and the driver’s vision isn’t obstructed, the damage is repairable.
Combination break
As is evident from the name, this kind of damage creates multiple kinds of breaks, such as dings, chips, and cracks.  The damage is often extensive with missing portions of the glass. If there are only a few breaks, and the diameter doesn’t exceed two inches, repairing is difficult but possible. If the cracks are too deep, then a windshield replacement is necessary.
Star break
These are tiny cracks that lead away from where the object hit the glass, leaving a starburst pattern. Ignoring it can be fatal, as it causes many long cracks that spread across the windscreen. If the diameter isn’t more than three inches and in the driver’s field of vision, it can be fixed.
Stress cracks
With time the structural integrity of the windshield weakens, causing stress cracks. Weather plays a major role in this situation. For example,e if your car is parked in the sun for several hours and you turn on the air condition, this can weaken the windshield. Small stress cracks can be repaired.

While widespread damage to your windshield might require professional assistance, there are repairs for minor surface damage that are DIY and can be done at home. Buy a windshield repair kit from a hardware store or supermarket and you are all set. Always work indoors while repairing cracks or do it under shade.

Clean the area
Clean the area surrounding the damage with a quality glass cleaner, so the kit’s suction cups can be firmly stuck to the windshield. Pry away tiny loose pieces of glass in the chip or pockmark using a razor blade. Wait for the damaged area to dry before moving on.
Position suction cup
Place the suction cup tool so the threaded center section is directly over the chipped area and press into place. You can modify the aim of the tool by sliding the arms into or out of the suction cups.
Insert repair tube
Thread the repair tube in to the suction cup tool. Ensure that you screw it in tightly via hand, without using tools. Get inside the car and check if the rubber end is directly on top of the crack. If not, just unscrew and reposition.
Add resin
Place the tip of the resin bottle over the repair tube and slowly squeeze into it. Two drops are advised, but you can add four drops to be on the safe side.
Insert plunger
Insert the center plunger after adding resin, and tighten it almost all the way down, so it forces the repair resin onto the damage. The harder it is to screw in, the better you can gauge if you are applying sufficient pressure. Once the tightening is done, loosen the plunger for seconds to let air bubbles escape, and then tighten again.
Use finishing film
Remove suction cup when the resin penetrates the chip (usually after a minute). Place a section of the finishing film on the moist repair area.  Use the razor blade to carefully press the resin toward the edges of the film. Let the resin dry under the film – it takes about 10 minutes. Remove the film and inspect the repair.

If DIY windscreen repairs sound a bit daunting to you, consider investing in Scratch and Dent Insurance, RenewTech, through MotorHappy. Not only are you covered for windscreen and headlamp chippers, but you’re also protected against minor dents, light dents and stone chips on the body of your car, restoration of wheel trim and mags and certain interior damage. Contact us today for a  quote. 


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