About Oakhurst

At Oakhurst Insurance, We Really Care, We Deliver is more than just a guiding philosophy… it’s our way of life. We believe in doing more than simply insuring you; we want to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered by an insurer who has your best interests at heart. We do this by providing innovative insurance solutions, embracing technology and being there for you every step of the way.

Being part of the Oakhurst family means you get:

  • an insurer with an “A- National Scale Claims Paying Ability” (rated by the Global Ratings Company in 2017).
  • a company that values long-lasting relationships with its clients and partners.
  • to experience our philosophy of We Really Care, We Deliver 
  • to enjoy a company that continuously innovates and embraces technology.
  • unsurpassed levels of service.
  • assigned your very own Personal Portfolio Consultant (PPC) who will assist you throughout your insurance journey.

Our Product Offerings

Ever wondered about the inconvenience and extent of financial stress you will suffer if your car is written off or stolen? We provide a wide range of affordable cover options which offer financial protection against a multitude of potential hazards and risks.

In addition to insuring your car against third party liability, fire, theft and accidental damage, we also offer other unique benefits:

  • A variety of excess structure options…Choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • A Good Driver Rewards Programme offering up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium, accurate insurance premiums and proactive emergency assistance with our impact alert technology.
  • Essential Products – add-on products that insures your car against almost every eventuality.
  • Gold Club – benefits include Roadside Emergency, Medical Emergency, Household Emergency, Legal benefits, Road Protect as well as Lifestyle discounts.

Car Insurance covers you if:

car insurance
Reducing excess
Good Driver

Benefits of taking Insurance with Oakhurst

Receive up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium for your safe driving behaviour!

Receive up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium for your safe driving behaviour! Because we really care about you, we are fully committed to embracing technology, thus enhancing our offering and encouraging safer driving. Our Good Driver Programme is made possible by our Smart-Box, a state-of-the-art car management and monitoring device which uses telematics technology to accurately analyse your driving behaviour.

  • Good Driver Programme benefits
  • Innovative technology that keeps you safe. 
  • Using telematics technology, we have implemented the Good Driver Programme which focuses on SAP the lifeblood of the Oakhurst Telematics initiative– SAFETY, ASSISTANCE & PREMIUMS!
By engaging in our Good Driver Programme, you will be encouraged with heightened awareness to constantly improve behaviours which will reduce your risk of danger while driving.
Our Smart-Box triggers Proactive Emergency Assistance.
In the event of an accident, your Oakhurst Smart-Box will send us a crash notification so that we can assist you with emergency and towing services.
Data from the Oakhurst Smart-Box allows us to offer you accurate premiums based on your driving behaviour. Remember also that you could receive up to 25% cash-back on your monthly premium for your safe driving behaviour!

Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider | FSP no. 39925

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