Extended Car Warranties

Why do I need a Car Warranty?

Since the price of parts and labour fluctuates all the time, an Extended Car Warranty means costly, unexpected vehicle repairs are covered. When it comes to selling your car, you’ll also get a higher resale value. Think about it: When you buy a new car, a manufacturer warranty is usually a big selling point. The same would apply to an older vehicle – possibly even more so.

These are the additional benefits of an Extended Car Warranty bought through MotorHappy:

  • • Your budget is protected as this planned expense protects you from unexpected repair costs
  • • You can stop worrying about unexpected mechanical breakdowns and electrical failures – we’ve got you!
  • • You can keep your car for longer because your Extended Car Warranties lowers the overall cost of vehicle ownership, especially as your car gets older
  • • You can trust that all work is carried out by qualified technicians using genuine parts

Why MotorHappy?

  • Experience a hassle-free & efficient process
  • Access to advice you can trust
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