Maintenance Plans

What is a Maintenance Plan?

While a car Service Plan covers you for all vehicle servicing requirements, a motor Maintenance Plan takes it one step further by providing cover for the regular maintenance of vehicle parts that wear and tear. We’re talking unscheduled repairs and costly replacements that fall outside of routine vehicle servicing, some of which include:

  • • Rear brake disc and drums
  • • Shock absorbers
  • • Turbo assembly
  • • Water pump
  • • Air conditioner
  • • Rear wheel cylinder
  • • Fuses and globes
  • • Wheel bearings
  • • Steering components
  • • Clutch
  • • Starter motor
  • • Fuel system
  • • Factory fitted items

(Click here for a quick online quote to see what benefits, inclusions and limitations apply to your specific vehicle model.)

Picture this: Your car is due to be serviced in about 3000km, but your brakes are squeaking, and they need to be replaced. Your maintenance plan will cover the cost of replacing your brake pads, including labour – and an added bonus is you can trust that all parts used are genuine! If you didn’t have a maintenance plan, you would have to pay for this unexpected cost yourself.

When buying a Maintenance Plan through MotorHappy, you will enjoy additional benefits such as:

  • • Roadside assistance
  • • Towing
  • • Care hire or overnight accommodation
  • • Message relay to friends/family if you are having difficulties
  • • Tyre change assistance
  • • Fuel run if you run out of petrol
  • • Jump-start
  • • Locksmith assistance

Why MotorHappy?

  • Experience a hassle-free & efficient process
  • Access to advice you can trust
  • Motoring plans for all car brands
  • Trained professionals
  • A Motus company