Loose stones, tar and inconsiderate drivers these are just a few of the hazards you face on the road. Let's be honest the road is not kind to your car's paint job. Scratch and dent warranties provides you with peace of mind that in the unfortunate event of minor chips, scratches and dents, you are covered. With RenewTech offered through MotorHappy you are even covered for small interior damages.

What is a RenewTech solution?

A RenewTech solution provides you with financial assistance in the event of unfortunate minor chips, scratches, dents and interior damages to your vehicle. It protects the exterior and interior of your car, keeping your car in showroom condition.

Benefits of a RenewTech solution

Keeping your car in showroom condition can be expensive, but buying a RenewTech solution offered through MotorHappy comes with the following benefits:

  • Provides peace of mind – less worrying about unexpected chips, dents & scratches.
  • Fixed, affordable monthly cost
  • Increase the resale value of your car
  • No Excess

Why MotorHappy?

  • Experience a hassle-free & efficient process
  • Access to advice you can trust
  • Motoring plans for all car brands
  • Trained professionals
  • A Motus company

What is included?

These are just some of the components you will be covered for. Get a quick online quote now to compare what you are covered for with a RenewTech solution offered through MotorHappy.


Light scratches
Minor dents
Stone chips
Tar removal
Windscreen and headlamp chips
Restoration of wheel rims and mag wheels


Scratches and scuffs to the vehicle's central console
Scratches and scuffs to plastic door grab handles
Panel plastic repaired
Gear lever boot
Gear Knob
Handbrake boot
Head rests
Maintenance and restoration of roof lining
Restoration of driver side's rubber carpet inserts
Vehicle's seat panel repairs
Seat stitching
Re-spraying of leather steering wheels
Repairs to damaged sun visors
Safety film restoration

**The above list is for illustration purposes only. Only key components shown above. Limitations apply. Get a quick online quote now to compare what you are covered for with the RenewTech solution offered through MotorHappy.

What cars qualify for cover?

Through our partners, we offer for most car brands and models. Here are just some of the brands.



Thank you for keeping to your word and for a speedily response. Thanks, the motor vehicle is happy.


Been covered with MotorHappy going on 2 years now and they have paid out each time when my car was due for a service at the dealership…this one time they paid for replacement of brake pads, a full service (more than once) and wiper blades – sounds unreal but I’m a happy reference.


THE BEST. MotorHappy have never let me down. My car is serviced at the dealer every time. Try them.


Thank you MotorHappy for the last four years.


MotorHappy called me on time as promised and gave us so many different options. The consultant even went to the extent of comparing our current insurance cover benefit for benefit. We ended up saving R400 pm with MotorHappy.


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