BMW launches an advanced smartphone car key

The BMW iX is a car loved by many and a very important model for the German carmaker, jampacked with many innovations and new technologies. One of those technologies is the new BMW Digital Key Plus, which will be available to customers with iPhones, allowing motorists to unlock and start their car with their Apple phone. We’re hoping to see this feature here in SA by next year (2022).

Showing true smartphone integration, iPhone users can now unlock their BMWiX by tapping their phone against the door handle, followed by placing the iPhone into the smartphone tray and pushing the start button to start the car’s engine. 

Access can be shared with up to five people. With a handy option for young drivers which restricts top speed, power and maximum radio volume. All this can be managed and access through the inside of your car as well as through the smart Apple phone. 

You won’t need to worry about carrying your vehicle key to lock, unlock or start your car. You don’t even need your phone to scan the door handle. Having your smart Apple phone in your bag or pockets is all you need.

This feature does not take the place of the key completely it is just another convenient option should you find yourself misplacing the key to your car. BMW has not announced when this will be launched on the android system yet. 

This feature hoping to arrive in South Africa in 2022. What are your thoughts South Africa? Ready for this revolutionary change in the car industry?



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