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Maintaining Your Car

A car is one of our most important assets and thousands of people rely on their cars on a daily basis for getting from point A to B. It is therefore important that you maintain your car to avoid unexpected breakdowns or mechanical failures. There are several products and policies available on the market that can help making sure that your car is always maintained and looked after. 


Maintaining my car with a Service Plan

Making sure that your car gets serviced on a regular basis could mean the difference between your car running smoothly and fuel efficiently. Investing in a Service Plan means doing what you can to avoid the risk of your car breaking down and incurring unexpected repair costs. 

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Maintaining your car with a Maintenance Plan

Our cars are machines and the more they work, and the older they get, the more their parts get worn out through wear and tear. Having a Maintenance Plan for your car covers you for these unwanted repair and replacement costs.

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Maintaining your car with an Extended Warranty

With an Extended Warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that should your car suffer major mechanical damages or electrical problems, you are covered and the costs will be paid for up to the limit on the option chosen. Usually, these breakdowns include items that are not covered by a Service or Maintenance Plan.

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Maintaining your car with a Scratch&Dent Plan

We rely on our cars every day to get us from Point A to Point B, but with all this everyday commuting comes the risk of annoying chips, dents and scratches that puts a hamper over the beauty of our loved cars. Scratch & Dent Plan helps us budget for these unfortunate events. 

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