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Selecting the right insurance provider is possibly one of your most important decisions when buying a car, but with so many factors to consider, choosingvehicle insurance can be overwhelming. Which is why MotorHappy is dedicated to making the process smoother by sourcing quotes from some of South Africa’s leading insurance companies. We make it easy for youto compare car insurance and select the best option for you!

Up to 7 top insurance companies, all in one place!

Car insurance protects you from unforeseen financial stress. Depending on the option you choose, you will receive some of the following benefits:

  • If you are responsible for an accident, you are covered for the cost of repairs to your vehicle as well as the other driver.
  • You are covered if your vehicle is stolen.
  • Third party damages are paid for.

What we offer:

  • We cover all car brands
  • Reputable panel of insurancers
  • Home insurance quote also available
  • Save time! Get accurate quotes quickly
  • Advice you can trust

Our Car Insurance Partners:

Looking for car insurance? We make the process simple by sourcing a selection of quotes from some of South Africa's top insurance companies. Save on car insurance in three easy steps:

  • 1) Tell us your requirements
  • 2) Choose the best option from the selection of car insurance quotes we provide for you
  • 3) Connect with an agent to get insured

With MotorHappy, you can trust you will get the best possible car insurance quote from some of these South African insurance companies:

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