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Selecting the right insurance provider is possibly one of your most important decisions when buying a car, but with so many factors to consider, choosing car insurance can be overwhelming. Which is why MotorHappy is dedicated to making the process smoother by sourcing quotes from some of South Africa’s leading insurance companies. So, whether you are looking for cheap Car Insurance or some niche insurance benefits let MotorHappy help you compare Insurance quotes from some of the leading insurers out there.
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Car Insurance options

Selecting a type of insurance cover may sometimes be difficult and can vary from person to person depending on their need. There are basically three types of Car Insurance cover in the market.
Comprehensive Car Insurance is an all-inclusive insurance policy that will cover your vehicle against most risks, including theft, accidents and damages caused by natural disasters
Third-party, Fire & Theft
Third-party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance covers damages you have caused to other parties and their property, and provides cover for your car against, fire related damages and theft.
Third-party only
Third party only Car Insurance is the most basic insurance policy covering the damages to other parties and their property in the event of an accident where you were the cause.

Why do I need Car Insurance?

Having car Insurance is important, it can protect you from unforeseen financial stress. Although paying for Car Insurance can sometimes seem pricey, just imagine the alternative of not being covered and you have to pay for damages and losses out of your own pocket. Depending on the option you choose, you will receive some of the benefits listed below
Car Insurance covers you if:
  • persion-img
    Your car injures another person or damages their property
  • car-responsible-accident
    Your car is responsible for an accident
  • car-stolen
    Your car is destroyed or stolen

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