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Comprehensive Car Insurance

In the event of an accident, Comprehensive Car Insurance covers you for damages to your vehicle and damage caused to other parties and their property. This insurance policy also covers your vehicle from fire, theft, hijacking and natural disasters.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance offers coverage for your vehicle and protects you for damage caused to other property. When your car is financed most banks will require comprehensive cover. This policy covers your vehicle from fire, theft, hijacking, natural disaster, or an accident with another vehicle. In the event of a claim you are only responsible for the excess to repair or replace your vehicle. If you are in an accident that is partially your fault, your insurance will help you file the claim and settle your damage. There is peace of mind having your vehicle fully covered and being protected if you cause damage to another person. Comprehensive Car Insurance is usually the most expensive car insurance option, as it covers all bases and protects the beneficiary against all unforeseen events. It’s important to always shop around and compare quotes to find the right *Comprehensive Car Insurance option for you. MotorHappy compares quotes from a range of top insurance companies and helps you select the best option for you.

What is not covered by Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Different insurers usually offer unique benefits and features with their insurance policy and in most cases they also provide extra products and services which are not usually offered within their standard insurance policy. It can be tricky comparing apples with apples, so it’s important that you review each quote carefully, weighing up the benefits of each car insurance policy. MotorHappy uses a range of top insurance companies to compare car insurance quotes, and you will be assisted by a trusted advisor who is able to provide you with sound advice, factual information about the inclusions and limitations of the car insurance policies from the various insurers on our panel.


Making a Car Insurance Claim

Being in a car accident is stressful enough, so here you will find everything you need to know regarding accident-related claims on your Car Insurance. It’s handy information that will help take the admin out of making a car insurance claim.

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