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Buying a Car

Buying a car (new or secondhand) is probably one of the biggest financial commitments that any person will make in their lifetime. Buying a car is a lot of excitement but can also be a very daunting experience, especially if you are a first time buyer.


Should I buy new or second hand?

Buying a car is an important decision, and there are pros and cons to buying new or second hand. Read on to make the best choice.

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Vehicle dealership or private seller?

Once a choice has been made to buy a used – or “previously loved” - car, the next step is to make a decision where to buy it from.

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Avoid these mistakes when buying a new car

We’ve put together a few tips to help ensure you make the right choice for your lifestyle and your pocket.

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How to finance your car

You have two options when financing your car: Take out a finance agreement that will result in your car being paid off at the end of the or choose a lower monthly installment with a balloon payment at the end of the period.

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