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Maintaining my car with a Service Plan

Making sure that your car gets serviced on a regular basis could mean the difference between your car running smoothly and fuel efficiently. Investing in a Service Plan means doing what you can to avoid the risk of your car breaking down and incurring unexpected repair costs. 

It is a known fact that thousands of people rely on their cars on a daily basis for numerous reasons: taking the kids to school, travelling to work, getting to university and back, shopping around and many other reasons.

But we must remember that vehicles are complex machines that need to be looked after through regular services. In our busy schedules we sometimes don’t have the time to think about all the necessities required for the well-being of our cars. We also sometimes neglect to budget for these required car services. This could lead to unhappy breakdowns and unexpected mechanical failures.

Luckily there are trusted providers, like MotorHappy, that makes servicing your car easy and affordable by offering some of the best Service Plans available in the market to the everyday motorist.

What is a Service Plan?

A Service Plan covers all the costs involved with the regular scheduled servicing of your car as per your car’s service manual and stipulated by the manufacturer of your vehicle. When your car needs to go for a service you don’t have to worry about the cost involved in servicing the car as the Service Plan will provide for that. In most instances a Service Plan will pay for a set number of years or a standard set of kilometres driven, which ever comes first.

What is included in a Service Plan?

As the name suggests, a Service Plan makes provision for all the costs involved in getting your car serviced, typically outlined in your car service manual. Usually, a Service Plan will include the replacement and labour cost of your car’s fuel, oil, air and pollen filters, brake and clutch fluid, engine and gearbox oil, spark plugs, cam belts, coolant and any other workshop consumables needed for servicing the car.

The benefits of a Service Plan

Having a Service Plan gives you peace of mind knowing that your car’s well-being is taken care of. There are different Service Plan products available in the market and the benefits may differ slightly from product to product. Generally, the benefits of a Service Plan are as follows: 

  • The servicing costs of your car are fixed and provided for, so you don’t have to worry about the money required for servicing your car the next time it is due for its scheduled service
  • You don’t have to worry about inflation, parts or labour cost increases
  • Fixed, affordable monthly cost for car servicing
  • Your car can be serviced at your vehicle’s manufacturer or any other approved service centre
  • Insuring that your car get serviced as per the manufacturers recommended service intervals, and therefore helps maximise the resale value of your car

Maintaining your car with a Maintenance Plan

Our cars are machines and the more they work, and the older they get, the more their parts get worn out through wear and tear. Having a Maintenance Plan for your car covers you for these unwanted repair and replacement costs.

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