Land Cruiser 70 Series gets a tweak with the Namib edition

The Toyota Land Cruiser has always been highly regarded in the motoring industry, and the Toyota 70 Series Land Cruiser is one of the most legendary. The 70 Series has proven itself as one of the toughest, most reliable and capable off-road vehicles available in Africa. 

For several years, Toyota has hardly made any changes to the 70 Series, perhaps sticking to the mantra, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. However, the new 70 Series Land Cruiser has been tweaked and updated in a few areas, and Toyota calls it the Namib edition.

To start, Toyota has made a few subtle changes to the exterior that distinguish the difference between a regular 70 Series Land Cruiser and the Namib edition. The Namib edition still features the original 70 Series body along with an updated mesh grill which improves airflow to prevent the 70 Series from overheating in some of the hottest conditions. Toyota has also given the Namib edition a new steel front bumper, headlight protectors and a redesigned nudge-bar. The Namib edition also has some smaller change to the regular 70 Series such as LED spotlights, Namib edition badges along with the tailgate and front door panels. Namib edition models are only available in ivory white and sand beige.

As for interior aspects, Toyota has given the Namib edition models a refrigerated glovebox compartment, using the vehicles air conditioning system. Grey canvas seats covers are standard with the Namib logo integrated into the backrest of the seats. A redesigned overhead storage compartment houses space for a two-way radio and microphone cord. Navigation, Bluetooth, electric windows, central locking and telescope steering column are all standard features on the 70 Series Land Cruiser.

Performance changes are also one of the Namib edition’s most celebrated characteristics. Toyota has improved the off-roading capabilities by adding improved suspension units with larger 265/75/R16 Cooper Discovery S/T Maxx tyres. As for the engine, Toyota has fitted the Namib edition with the 4.5-litre V8 TurboDiesel (which is the strongest engine available in the 70 Series) and manages to crank out 151kW and 430Nm at only 1200 rpm. Fuel consumption is averaged at 11.3 L/100km and has a 130-litre fuel tank. The V8 turbodiesel is fitted to a 5-speed manual gearbox and has a top speed of 165kph. 

Standard on the 70 Series is the legendary 3 differential locks.

The Land Cruiser 70 Series has always been a favourite in the South African 4x4 market, and with the Namib edition, Toyota has improved it further. The Namib edition name comes from the southern African desert, where Toyota put the 70 Series through its paces and proved itself worthy as a serious off-roading vehicle. It’s safe to assume that the newly arrived Land Cruiser 70 Series Namib will be a popular choice for 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

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