Mazda CX-60: Well-equipped, extremely attractive e-segment SUV for families

The 2023 CX-60 represents Mazda’s inaugural entry into the "Large Product" group of vehicles and showcases its innovative rear-wheel-drive platform. It goes head-to-head with Volkswagen and BMW in South Africa.

The all-new E-segment family SUV boasts 4,745mm in length, 1,890 mm in width, and a height of 1,680 mm, all anchored on a reliable wheelbase of 2,870 mm. Notably, it outstretches the CX-5 by a significant 170 mm.

Mazda draws inspiration from the profound bond between a horse and its rider, a concept known as Jinba Ittai, when crafting their car designs.

At the front, the Individual model showcases a commanding piano string grille, complemented by semi-circular lights and daytime running lights. On the side profile, you'll find plastic cladding and 20-inch wheels finished in a subtle anthracite grey. The rear discreetly conceals its quad exhaust tips. The standout feature of the rear styling lies in the elongated taillights adorned with a seamless LED light streak.

The screens are deliberately limited to a maximum of two, ensuring minimal distractions. The interior design prioritizes human comfort and usability over excessive reliance on cutting-edge technology. The infotainment system operates through straightforward analogue controls, conveniently placed within reach of your left hand. A well-arranged silver-patterned console houses essential buttons and dials. Similarly, the air-conditioning controls are also easily accessible and utilize analogue switch triggers and buttons.

The instrument panel’s layout is thoughtfully designed, ensuring a clear and organised appearance. All the switches, controls, and convenience features are suitably placed within easy reach of the driver. The Heads-up display screen is spacious and significantly larger than the Mazda CX-30. This design choice minimises unnecessary eye movement and presents enlarged text and an expanded navigation data area, offering the driver more comprehensive information about the road ahead. Besides, the settings and use status information for the Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems are improved to enable quick and effortless reading.

Innovatively stealing the limelight, Mazda introduces a groundbreaking element, believed to be an industry first for a production car. Currently limited to the higher-end model, it incorporates facial recognition technology to cater to the driver's unique preferences. This advanced feature automatically adjusts various settings, such as seat height, steering position, and mirror angles, based on your saved preferences even before you initiate the car's ignition.

The system has the capability to store profiles for up to six individual users, with an additional guest profile option. Each user can customise preferences for more than 250 settings.

Mazda South Africa exclusively offers the 2.5-litre petrol engine (also used in the CX-5) without turbocharging. The automaker validates the diesel and hybrid variants are in the works and are expected to be released in the local market early next year.

The petrol models are accessible in two grades: the rear-wheel-drive Dynamic and the all-wheel-drive Individual, both generating 141kW of power and 261Nm of torque. This engine matches with an 8-speed wet clutch automatic gearbox featuring paddle shifters.

The all-new CX-60 starts at R739,800 and goes up to R844,500. This range slightly intersects with the existing CX-5 lineup, which consists of six models priced between R515,600 and R765,300. Consequently, the highest-tier CX-60 now holds the title of being the priciest Mazda available in the region, surpassing the current flagship BT-50, which is priced at R818,400. (Prices correct at time of publication.)

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