Proton X90 - The Perfect Balance of Style and Functionality in a 7-Seater SUV

In the ever-evolving world of automobiles, Proton has emerged as a formidable player with the release of its latest marvel, the Proton X90. This seven-seater SUV is a potential game-changer in South Africa's competitive SUV market.

The Proton X90 makes an indelible impression from the first glance. Its bold and dynamic design, characterised by sharp lines and an assertive stance, exudes a sense of modernity that is sure to turn heads on the bustling streets of South Africa. The LED headlamps are integrated seamlessly into the front fascia, enhance visibility and lend a distinctive visual signature to the X90.

Under the bonnet, the Proton X90 packs a punch with a robust engine lineup. The 1.5-litre turbocharged engine delivers a commendable 150 horsepower and provides an exhilarating driving experience. Paired with a smooth 7-speed automatic transmission, the X90 effortlessly glides through urban traffic and confidently tackles off-road terrain.

Proton has fine-tuned the suspension system to strike a balance between sporty handling and plush ride comfort. The X90 glides over uneven surfaces with grace, ensuring that occupants are cocooned in a sanctuary of tranquillity, even on South Africa's roads! The steering is responsive, whether navigating through city streets or tackling winding mountain passes.

Inside the Proton X90 is a well-appointed cabin that exudes an air of refinement. Premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship elevate the overall ambience, giving occupants a sense of luxury that belies its price point. The ergonomically designed seats offer excellent support. Ample headroom and legroom in both the front and rear ensure that passengers of all sizes will find their comfort zone.

The dashboard centrepiece is the intuitive touchscreen infotainment system, which boasts seamless connectivity options, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The 360-degree camera system provides a bird's-eye view, making parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces a breeze. Furthermore, the advanced driver-assistance features with adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist enhance safety and convenience.

Safety is paramount in the Proton X90 2023, with a comprehensive suite of features designed to protect occupants. The robust chassis coupled with a suite of airbags and electronic stability control, forms a formidable safety net. Additionally, the X90 boasts an impressive 5-star safety rating, assuring drivers of its uncompromising commitment to their well-being.

One of the most compelling aspects of the Proton X90 is its remarkable affordability without compromising on quality or features. This 7-seater SUV starts at R559 900 and goes up to R679 900. (Prices correct at time of publication.) 

In the fiercely competitive SUV market in South Africa, the Proton X90 stands tall as a formidable contender. Its blend of striking design, powerful performance, and feature-rich interior makes it a compelling choice for discerning buyers. The Proton X90 2023 has the potential to redefine the SUV landscape in South Africa, offering a harmonious fusion of style, performance, and safety that is bound to resonate with enthusiasts across the nation.

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