The most powerful Porsche ever is electric

Yes, you read that correctly. The Porsche Taycan Turbo GT is the most powerful production Porsche ever, and it’s an electric four-door sedan. With this model, Porsche wanted to dethrone Tesla as the most powerful commercial electric vehicle (EV) for sale, and they achieved it.

With the introduction of the Panamera, released 15 years ago, many Porsche fanatics and specialised press wondered if it deserved to bear the German manufacturer’s badge. The same happened with the Cayenne, the SUV that saved the brand a few years earlier than the Panamera. If you look even further into Porsche’s history, it seems purists always had something to say. 

With the Porsche Taycan, the second four-door sedan of the brand, it’s clear that the brand from Stuttgart is fully committed to embracing electrification and breaking the mould once again. The Taycan Turbo GT is more than just a car; it’s a statement: the most powerful production Porsche ever is an electric four-door sedan, to the purists’ dismay.


The Taycan Turbo GT is the most powerful and high-performing model from the family and its weight has been reduced by 75kg thanks to the use of carbon fiber and other lightweight compounds. For example, the B pillars, rearview mirrors’ casing, and rear and side skirts are made of these advanced and light materials, and the hood and seats are made of CFRP polymer, among others.

The Taycan Turbo GT is offered in two variations, the “standard version”, and the Weissach package, conceived for track enthusiasts. Units equipped with the Weissach package are 70kg lighter than the “street version”, making it 145kg lighter than a Taycan Turbo S. 

To lower weight and to prove that Porsche engineers weren’t joking when they conceived this design as a true sportscar, the rear seats, floor mats, and even the clock have been removed. Also, the team has removed the alarm and central locking system, and the noise insulation has been trimmed. To complete the package, the electrical rear wing has been replaced by a noticeable rear spoiler fitted with an adjustable Gurney flap capable of generating a 220kg load on the rear axle. Both versions include a Dynamic package which includes an adjustable Porsche Active Ride suspension, 21” forged rims and ceramic brakes.


With this model, Porsche wanted to dethrone Tesla as the most powerful commercial EV for sale, and they achieved it. This new version has two modes with powers of 580kW in normal mode and an incredible 760kW (1019 Hp) when the launch control is activated, which can increase to an outstanding 815kW (1092 Hp) for two seconds by activating the Attack Mode. 

The power is delivered by a pair of electric motors, one located in the front and the other in the rear, powering the four wheels and providing this rocket with 1,340Nm of torque. Thanks to the AWD traction, power is efficiently driven to the asphalt with limited wheel slippage. The street Taycan Turbo GT can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.3 seconds while the Weissach version accelerates slightly faster, reaching 100km/h in just 2.2 seconds. Both versions have an electronically limited speed of 290 km/h in standard mode and 305 km/h in circuit mod. The Taycan GT has a maximum range of 555 km thanks to modern battery architecture.


The Porsche Taycan Turbo GT with the Weissach package broke the record for the electric production car in the Laguna Seca Weathertech Raceway, in California, USA with a lap time of 1:27.87. 

A pre-production model of this striking German electric supercar broke the EV record at the Nordschleife section of the Nürburgring, in its homeland, with an outstanding record of 7:07.55. 

For reference, this time is six seconds faster than a 2017 Mercedes-AMG GTR, a great time for an electric car. However, the king of the circuit is the hybrid Mercedes-AMG One with only 6:30.705, but it’s important to consider that the Taycan Turbo GT outweighs the Mercedes by over a ton due to the weight of its batteries.


There is still no Taycan Turbo GT in the South African streets; however, the reservation book is open, and the first units won’t take long to arrive in our country. With a price of R 5,982,000.00, you can order either version. (Prices correct at time of publication.)

Considering all the elements that were ripped to make the Weissach package, it seems a fair deal. It’s a huge investment, but if you want to try something different, the Taycan Turbo GT offers excellent value for money compared with other supercars in the market.

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