The new Fiesta ST will be available in South Africa in 2019

Ford has stepped up the game recently when it comes to build quality and practicality, and the adrenaline-pumping and sporty ST is no exception. The latest model has an updated look, and as can be expected, it has new features.  

Ford has decided to no longer use the 1.6 litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and now uses a surprisingly smaller 1.5 litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine. The new engine still produces the same amount of power as the older model (147kW/290Nm and 197hp), but the newer one has faster acceleration and with the performance package (which includes a clever limited-slip differential and launch control) this will manage to get the hot hatch from 0-100km in just 6.5 seconds. 

The limited-slip differential really changes the whole feel of the car - cornering is sharper and more agile, and there is also a noticeable grip improvement in first and second gears, which helps. The new car is lighter than the older version and has a better power to weight ratio (without the limited-slip differential, the car struggles for traction when you put your foot down). The limited-slip differential comes standard with launch control on the performance package.  

The steering and suspension have been improved – the new model features a 12:1 steering rack that has a very quick steering response and a great sporty feel. New torque vectoring springs have been fitted to the ST, allowing the car to travel around corners at higher speeds, but without losing grip.  

The exterior looks far more aggressive than its predecessor, with wider wheel arches and a more dominant front grill and bumper scoops. New alloy wheels have also been added to the package, which makes it look sportier, and easy to recognise. A bigger rear wing and a more expressive rear with two exhaust tail pipes have been added. 

The revamped and modern-looking interior has a touchscreen infotainment centre that comes standard. The cabin is well built, with sporty leather Recaro seats and are very comfortable with great lumber support, which helps when taking the corners at high speeds. 

Ford’s sporty new ST ticks all the above boxes with great looks, really quick performance and the same practicality of the standard Fiesta models. If you want a small hatchback with great performance and practicality with attractive looks, then you should consider the ST. 

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