The new Ford EcoSport

The new Ford EcoSport

The highly anticipated new Ford EcoSport has finally arrived in South Africa, and it delivers on price and performance

The new Ford EcoSport is finally available in South Africa, which is good news as it’s one of the best small-sized city SUVs, with a good price and decent performance. The new car has gotten a major facelift, and it’s easy to distinguish it from its predecessor. The EcoSport gets two new engine variations, and some new driver-assist systems as well. You can pick between three models: the Ambiente,Trend and Titanium.

The 1.0 litre turbocharge EcoBoostTrend starts at R287 500 and the Titanium package starts atR327 800. Both cars offer the same power output, and both have 6-speedautomatic or 6-speed manual options. The 3 cylinder 1.0 liter turbocharged engineis the most powerful in the EcoSport range. This small engine puts out 92kW/170Nm, and has a fuel consumption average of 5,8L/100km.

The Ambiente is the only model that comes in a 1.5 litreturbo diesel, which punches out a lesser 74kW, but brings a boost of torque up to 205Nm. It’s a 5-speed manual, and its fuel consumption is an impressive 4.6L/100km. The Ambiente is the cheapest EcoSport, starting at R264 500.

The car’s exterior hasa more aggressive front grill that gives it a much bolder appearance, and has daytime running LED headlights, which suit the car’s size nicely. Rear bumpers have been updated as well as rear light clusters. There are seven colours to choose from, which can be carried through the interior as well. There are two different rim options – the 16-inch 5-spoke alloys in gunmetal grey, and the larger 17-inch alloys that come standard with the Titanium model.

Ford’s SYNC technology continues to be a selling point, with features such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, GPS, voice-activated phone calls and audible text messages.

Three different info displays are available: The 8-inch (which is the only colour touch screen, and only comes on the Titanium model), the 6-inch touchscreen(which only comes on the Trend model), and the 4.2-inch screen (this isn’t touch, and comes standard with all base models. Rear parking sensors come standard on all EcoSport models, but cruise control and the speed limiterwarning are only available on the Titanium model.

Electronic stability control comes standard, and is very handy on gravel or off-road. There’s hill launch assist, which prevents the car from rolling backon steep inclines. A pressure monitor has also been added as standard on all EcoSport models.

With improvements of build quality and refinement, and overall performance, the updated EcoSport is one of the competitors to beat in its class, especially when you compare price.

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