Will SA get to drive the 2019 VW Golf GTI TCR?

The new GTI TCR is one of the most exciting Volkswagens to hit the streets in 2019 – but we’re not sure yet if it’s coming to SA. It’s the last Golf to be made from the Mk 7 generation. However, more excitingly is the fact that this GTI TCR is the fastest road legal GTI ever made. 

The Volkswagen Golf is hailed as a reliable and practical car, but the iconic GTI has always been the sportier version. Throughout the years the GTI has evolved into a hot performance hatchback, as the current Golf 7 GTI is a pretty fast car, compared to regular Golfs, but Volkswagen has decided to make a fully track focused version of the road legal Golf GTI. Volkswagen has named it the GTI TCR, and it’s the fastest GTI of them all.

Performance specs and features

The only similarity between the GTI TCR and standard GTI is the similarity in looks, but the similarities stop there. This is because the GTI TCR is a serious track performance vehicle. Power has been increased from 169kW to 213kW/370Nm from a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that is married to a seven-speed DSG gearbox, which delivers instant gear changes. This combined makes this GTI TCR capable of sprinting to 100km in just 5.6 seconds and manages to keep going all the way to an unlimited top speed of 263kph, which makes it one of the fastest front wheel drive hatchbacks ever made. You may be thinking that it’s just a GTI that’s a bit quicker in a straight line, but this conclusion is incorrect. The TCR GTI makes use of a stiffer racing suspension that features dynamic chassis control for high speed cornering. Brakes have also been upgraded to perforated discs and sport brake pads for better stopping power. The TCR also makes use of more aggressive bumpers and wings which create more downforce at high speeds through corners.

Exterior and interior

The exterior has received some unique features such as the honeycomb sticker kit on the outside, larger exhaust tailpipes, black roof and gloss black finishes around the TCR’s bumpers, diffusers, side skirts and carbon housing around the wing mirrors. The GTI TCR also sits 20mm lower then the standard GTI, which gives the car a lower centre of gravity, along with a more aggressive appearance. 18-inch “Quaranta” alloy wheels, are sprayed in gloss black and is unique to the TCR only. The interior is similar to the standard GTI, which means you still have the same class leading practicality, but there are noticeable differences that remind you that this is not a normal GTI. Red alcantara seats are exclusive for the TCR along with a center red stripe on the top of the steering wheel and other small red trims throughout the interior. Two doors is the only option available in the TCR, as Volkswagen says this saves weight and adds a sportier appearance.

Verdict for the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR

The fastest road going GTI being the TCR is definitely an exciting car, the performance and undoubtedly stunning looks makes the GTI TCR a special car. The TCR has not yet been confirmed for South Africa, however Volkswagen South Africa said the same thing about the GTI clubsport, which ended up making its arrival in South Africa in 2017. There is a strong possibility South Africa could receive the 2019 Golf GTI TCR at a later stage throughout the year. Fingers crossed.

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