Since the invention of cars, mankind has always been attracted to and mesmerised by beautiful, expensive, fast and fancy cars. We’ve rounded up 10 luxury cars that most of us can only keep dreaming about…

1 Arash AF10 Hybrid - Approximately R18m

This luxury car, relatively unknown, follows in the footsteps of cars such as Ferrari and the Porsche 918. It is a hybrid supercar that has four electric motors working in tandem. With a V8 engine, this car is able to achieve what the manufacturers call "warp drive" to achieve a maximum power output of 2080 horsepower which, even in the world of hypercars, is incredible.

2 Zenvo TS1 – Approximately R21,65m

It wasn't long ago that the very notion of a “legal’ 1000 hp car would be scoffed at, yet it seems normal now. Zenvo is a Danish car-maker and the fact that the Danes have entered the world of supercars is a testament to how competitive this segment has become. The TS1 has a very impressive spec sheet. It produces 1,100 hp and tops out at 375 km/h. It is still a relatively unknown brand but having started with such a bang, Zenvo could go a long, long way.

3 Koenigsegg Regera – Approximately R22,8m

Even though most car enthusiasts are aware of hypercars by Koenigsegg, what they don’t know is that Koenigsegg is not a big car manufacturer but a private car manufacturer, Christian von Koenigsegg. He is a true visionary and creates works of art that are unrivalled in the world of most expensive cars. The Regera is no different - and if you want an out-of-the-world car that looks absolutely amazing, then this 700 hp hypercar is it.

4 McLaren P1 GTR - Approximately R31,1m

McLaren changed the game by producing one of the first mainstream hypercars that employed hybrid technology. It produces a 1000 hp which is kind of normal for this list but what the P1 does differently is the way this power is delivered. Former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson called it “the widow maker”. Hypercars are meant to be so exciting that every time you get into it you do so with a sense of trepidation and the P1 achieves that perfectly.

5 Bugatti Chiron – Approximately R 32,4m

Bugatti is perhaps the most recognisable name on this list thanks to the predecessor of the Chiron in the Veyron. It ruled the roost for quite some time as the fastest production car. If you had the cash to manage the huge vehicle maintenance bills,you could use this as an everyday car. The Chiron pushes the envelope even further by chugging out a reported 1500 hp. Driving a Chiron is perhaps the easiest way to turn heads on the road and on the race track.

6 Pagani Huayra BC – Approximately R33,68m

Pagani's rise in the world of supercars has been nothing short of magical. For decades Lamborghini was the manufacturer that produced true poster-worthy cars. Pagani ended this monopoly with the launch of the Zonda. The Huayra builds on this legacy nicely. It looks like a spacecraft for the road and appears mean and menacing from whichever angle it is viewed. The sound and the power of this car are no slouches either. The 790 hp car evokes similar feelings of traditional supercars where it took a lot of bravery to get anywhere close to the car's limits.

7 Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio - Approximately R36m

The cool thing about one of the most popular and synonymous names when it comes to hypercars is that they design and manufacture each car much like an artist paints a picture. They don’t care about costs or driver comfort, but rather they want to provide the closest thing you can get to a race track monster that can be driven on the road. Their top models aren't sold like traditional cars, where you turn up with the money and get the car. Instead, Ferrari selectsto whom they want to sell a car, which says a lot about why Ferrari is so revered. The Pininfarina Sergio is the pinnacle of this principle - it’s an absolute monster to drive while managing to look simply out of this world.

8 Lamborghini Veneno Roadster - Approximately R39,7m

No list of expensive cars would be complete without a Lamborghini. Lamborghinis were never about top speed or acceleration. Mind you, they weren't bad at it, it is just that they don't care. The primary focus was on how outrageous the design could be. The Veneno Roadster is built in the same vein. Like every other Lamborghini, it is big and bold, andlooks stunning both on the road, and on the wall as a poster.

9 Lykan Hypersport – Approximately R 40,9m

Due to the oil reserves and therefore the cash reserves, most of these expensive cars are sold in the Middle East. It was only natural that the first Arab supercar is right up there with the most expensive cars out there. It looks like something Batman would pick as his number-one car, and comes loaded with jewels encrusted in the LED headlamps to make them literally shine.

10 Aston Martin Valkyrie – Approximately R 46,9m

There is a reason James Bond drives an Aston Martin and no other car manages to exemplify that better than the Valkyrie. It is the most expensive road-legal car under production right now. It was designed and made in collaboration with Formula 1 stalwart Red Bull. This piece of engineering marvel is the most hyper-performance car the world has seen that can be driven on the road. It’s extremely aerodynamic, making it glide around corners, and it provides the most scintillating ride a person can get without being a race-car driver. With a name like the 'Valkyrie' and a look that is straight out of the future, this is one fast car that can literally take your breath away.

Prices are approximate and correct at the time of post publication

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