How to protect your eyes when you’re driving


How to protect your eyes and see clearly when driving



Since your sight is the most important sense you use when driving, it’s best you look after your eyes, and take steps to ensure you’re seeing as clearly as possible



  • Wear polarised sunglasses to prevent UV rays from damaging your eyes, and to protect your eyes from sun glare.

  • When driving towards the sun or oncoming bright lights, use your sun visor to help minimise the glare.

  • If you wear glasses or contacts, ensure that these are always clean.

  • Ensure that your windscreen is clean both inside and outside all the time.

  • Take breaks when driving long distance to prevent eye fatigue and strain.

  • Consider getting glasses with an anti-glare coating – this can help to reduce glare, and assist with night time driving.

  • If you’re driving a convertible or motorbike, wear protective glasses or a visor to protect your eyes from foreign bodies getting into your eyes.

  • Do not look directly at the sun’s rays.

  • Your car’s lights also play an important role in seeing well at nighttime, so ensure the headlamp glass is clean and that the bulbs are at full strength.

  • Ensure that your vision isn’t obstructed by anything such as hanging objects or stickers on your windows.

Also remember to go for annual eye appointments to check that your eyes are healthy, and that there’s been no change to your prescription.

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