The 2018 Renault Megane

11 September 2018

The Megane is one of Renault’s best-selling models, and the 2018 model is set to continue this trend


The 2018 Renault Megane

The Megane is one of Renault’s best-selling models, and the 2018 model is set to continue this trend

A consistent performance car, Renault Megane has launched its new 2018 range in South Africa, and it’s tipped to be another favourite. There are three models in the range: Dynamique, GT-Line Turbo and the GT-Turbo.

The Dynamique model comes with a petrol 4-cylinder indirect injection engine,which puts out 84kW/156Nm and has an average fuel consumption of 8.7 L/100km, which is respectable considering it only has a 1.6 litre engine that isn’t turbocharged.

The GT-Line Turbo has a beefy 97kW/205Nm and gets to 100kph from a standstill in 9.7 seconds, and has an average fuel consumption of 6.8 L/100km.

The GT Turbo is the fastest, most expensive and best-looking model, which races to 100kph in an impressive 7.1 seconds,with a top speed of 230kph. It has a4-cylinder upgraded turbocharged engine that puts out a total power output of 151kW/280Nm , while still keeping a reasonable average fuel consumption of 7.8 L/100km.

The exterior has some eye-catching features such as theheadlight/tail-light design, which echoes the creativity of this French company. New exterior features include:

  • Swing neck towbar (optional)
  • 8 colour option
  • Aluminum roofbars

The interior is well built and has a slick design and a sporty feel, with very comfortable seats. New features include:

  • Multimedia touch infotainment display with reverse camera
  • TomTom GPS
  • Bluetooth connectivity for audio and hands-free phone calls
  • Blindspot warning indicators (only availablewith the GT and GT-Line)
  • Hands-free parking system (only available with the GT and GT-Line)

The new Renault Megane is a good hatchback, with its 5-star safety rating a big plus. Practicality is good with a boot capacity of 384 litres. Using Renault’s F1 turbo technology, you get fuel-efficient engines with a quick throttle response and overall good power outputs.The German and Japanese competitors have always seemed to overshadow the French Megane, but the new models stand a good chance of being tough competition for their rivals.

Pricing for the Megane is not badly listed, compared to its competitors such as the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus. The Dynamique is the base-line model and starts at R295 900, the GT-Line Turbo at R351 900, and the range-topping GT-Line Turbo EDC at R461 900.


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