Tips for a smooth school drop off

The daily trip to get to school and back can be difficult - for children and adults alike! Mornings can be rushed, stressful, and if not managed properly, could be a bad start to the day. By following some of our tips, you can have a smooth school drop off… and you might even be able to squeeze in some enjoyable time for the whole family.

  • To prevent unnecessary stress in the mornings, make sure your child does all their homework and packs their bags the night before. Don’t forget to pack lunch too! 
  • Scrambling to iron a shirt or finding a lost shoe is not a fun way to start the day. Layout all their clothing items neatly, from the tie to the socks. 
  • Put all the things your child is going to need next to the door. That way, they can grab everything as they walk out, rather than running around trying to find everything before they leave.

  • Ban television, social media and any other screens that your child might become distracted by. Alternatively, let them have their screens as a reward once they’re ready.
  • We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so whenever possible, give your child a nutritious and filling meal before leaving for school. Foods like cheese and toast, granola and yoghurt or scrambled egg are good options for rushed mornings. You can even prepare healthy breakfasts to eat on the go… do a Google search for a smoothie, egg muffin or overnight oats recipes.
  • Whether you drop your kids off in formal office wear or pyjamas, try your best to be ready before they are. That way, you can help them get ready and once the kids are ready, everyone can head out.
  • Create a reward chart that outlines the order in which your child can quickly and efficiently complete tasks in the morning. Give your child a star every time they complete a task. You could even consider adding times to the reward chart.

  • Teach your children about vehicle safety. This way, they know they should buckle up as soon as they are seated in the car, and not to fiddle with the doors and windows or distract the driver.
  • Create a music playlist to brighten up the mood. Listen to some feel-good music that will put a smile on your child’s face and set the tone for a good day ahead.
  • Check navigation apps, such as Waze, to check which routes to avoid traffic jams and make the trip to school smoother.
  • Don’t park directly in front of the school gates. Not only will this block other drivers, but you could get in trouble with the school or traffic cops and earn a fine. Instead, make use of parking lots and drop off lanes. You could even park on a quieter street further away from school. The walk to school may be longer, but it makes drop-off easier.

Of course, when it comes to school drop off, one of your most important considerations is vehicle safety. Ensure your car is in good running order by keeping up to date with recommended car service intervals and vehicle maintenance. MotorHappy DRIVE is a free rewards and benefit programme where you get access to an online vault where you can set up reminders for car services, vehicle license disk renewal and more. You can also safely store your most important documents for your car in your own online “vault”. This is the perfect “assistant” to a busy parent with a long to-do list. Never forget about vehicle maintenance and care again!


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