What to do if you’re in an accident



If you’re in an unfortunate accident, here are the guidelines you should follow


When you’re in a car accident, as difficult as it is, there are certain legal and good-practice procedures you should follow afterwards. These steps are important if you’re going to be claiming from insurance, or from the Road Accident Fund.

Here’s what to do:

- Stop after the accident (it’s a criminal offence not to) and turn on your hazard lights.

- If you’re able, get out of the car and assess the damage, and check if anyone is injured. If necessary, call the police and an ambulance.

- Do not move anything if a person or animal has been hurt, and only move a car if it’s completely blocking traffic, but take photos of the car before you move it.

- Take photos or a video of the scene. Include wide angles and closer angles of the scene, close-ups of damage to the vehicles, and the number plates of the other cars involved.

- Get the contact details (ID number, phone numbers, address, number plates and vehicle type) from witnesses and people involved in the accident. Also take note of the vehicle registration details of any paramedics or towtruck drivers on the scene, and if you speak to a policeman, get their name too.

- Make notes of any factors or conditions that you might need to report to your insurance or the police. For example, was the other driver on their cell phone? Was the road wet? Did you forget to indicate?

- Do not accept responsibility for the accident, and try to keep your cool with the other driver/s.

- If your insurance includes roadside assistance, then only get your car towed by their approved tow truck company. If your car is towed by another company, ask for a quote so that you know how much it will cost you, and find out where they’ll be taking your car.

- Report the accident to the police within 24 hours of the incident. All the parties need to report it too.

- Even if you don’t plan to claim from your insurance company, still report the accident to them in case the other party wants to make a claim against your policy.

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