What to do when your car maintenance or service plan expires

14 November 2018

Instead of forking out a fortune when your plans expire, there is a good option that will cover you when your car needs a repair or service


What to do when your car maintenance or service planexpires

Car owners who have maintenance or service plans are grateful that they’re covered if their car breaks down, or needs a service, as they don’t have to fork out for expensive parts and labour. But what happens when these plans run out, either after a certain number of years or a specific mileage, and you don’t have thousands in the bank to pay for expected – and unexpected – services and repairs? While selling your car might seem like the best option, it might be even costlier to buy a new one, plus you might not be ready – or willing – to part with it.

There are other alternatives on offer when a service or maintenance plan expires, like extending your warranty, which is less expensive than buying a new car. A car warranty gives you peace of mind, knowing that all major replacements are covered. MotorHappy has a range of warranty options that can protect your car against mechanical or electrical failures, after your original manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

With a MotorHappy extended warranty you’ll get:

  • • Peace of mind – less worrying about unexpected mechanical breakdowns and electrical failures.
  • • Fixed, affordable monthly cost
  • • Access to qualified technicians
  • • Access to genuine parts
  • • Free roadside assistance that includes: Towing; car hire or overnight accommodation; message relay to a family member, friend or colleague; tyre change; fuel run if you get stranded on the side of the road; jumpstart, and key lockout.

The service has some limitations. Get a quick online quote to see the exact detail of benefits, inclusions and limitations of a warranty plan, and the related additional benefits for your car.

For more information on the difference between service and maintenance plans, read our blog post on the difference between maintenance and service plans.


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