Hijacking prevention tips for South Africans

Hijacking tips that South African drivers simply cannot ignore.  

With more drivers back on the road due to the holiday season being over, we need to be more vigilant than ever of hijacking. Our latest blog looks at key trends among hijackings in South Africa and tips that will keep you away from danger.  


Hijackings in South Africa normally occur every day of the week but peak on Fridays.  


The time of hijackings vary but more hijackings happen 12:00 midday, peaking at 16:00 to 20:00 in the evenings. 

  • Residential driveways   
  • Traffic intersections  
  • Side of the road (when a driver is distracted while stopping to answer their phone) 
  • Outside schools 
  • Petrol stations  
  • Parking areas  
  • Places where people are picked up and dropped off

  1. Even though there are stats showing peak hours and locations of hijackings, they can happen anywhere and at anytime  
  2. Make sure your driveway is free of hiding spots and make sure it is well lit.  
  3. Plan your route to make sure you avoid unsafe areas and adjust your habits so you do not become an easy target by being idle at a stop street. 
  4. Do you suspect someone is following you? Make a few false turns or continue to your nearest police station for assistance. 
  5. Your gate is important. If you have an automatic gate make sure you park parallel to your gate giving yourself enough space to escape the route. You want to avoid being followed into your property at all costs. If you have a non-automatic gate check if it safe before leaving your car. Keep your key in the ignition so you can open and close the door if attacked. Move as fast as you can.  
  6. When approaching traffic lights do not come to a complete stop. This will make it difficult to be boxed in and give you enough space to escape an unfortunate situation.  
  7. Lock all your valuables in the boot and opt for aircon or a fan opposed to keeping your windows open. 
  8. If you have been bumped from behind and you feel that this may be a harmful situation indicate the vehicle to follow you to a place of safety to exchange details of the incident.  
  9. Beware of fake police. If you have been told to pull over, stop where you feel safe by driving to your nearest police station. 
  10. When parking your vehicle make sure the doors are always locked to prevent car jamming. When returning to your vehicle lock your doors automatically.

These tips could be the difference between life or death. Comprehensive Car Insurance through MotorHappy covers things that can be replaced but your life isn’t. Stay prepared, safe and vigilant always.  


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