Service and warranty what ifs…?

5 July 2016

We all plan for the future to some degree: from planning tonight’s dinner, to the ideal spot for retirement. Likewise, when choosing a service or maintenance plan, you are planning for the future wellbeing and happiness of your car, your everyday transport and livelihood.


However, once the papers are signed and few months have passed by, the day you purchased your car becomes a distant memory and the explanation of your service or maintenance plan, warranty or car warranties becomes blurry, leaving you with unanswered questions – ‘what if…?’.

If this sounds familiar to you, take a look at the below ‘what ifs’ answered.

What if I miss a service?

If you miss the grace period for your service - a specific amount of time or mileage before or after your set annual or mileage service (i.e. 2000kms or one month before or after 15 000kms or one year*), you risk losing your warranty* or your manufacturer may only pay a percentage of your service as you have not held up your end of the deal and may have damaged your car by driving with items that are no longer functioning optimally.

To rub salt in the wound, missing the grace period for your service may result in increased safety risk as specific items may not be running optimally. Not having your service booklet fully completed may also impact your car’s resale value.

What if my service plan expires?

Once your service plan has expired, servicing payments are no longer taken on by your car’s manufacturer. Your car still needs to be serviced – either annually or at a set mileage – but now, unless you are planning to sell or trade in your car at this time, it is completely up to you to not only to remember to book your car in but also to pay the bill.

What if my warranty expires?

Your car’s warranty* works exactly the same way as the warranty for your TV, microwave or camera. If something goes wrong within a specific timeframe as a result of a manufacturer accepted defect with your car, your warranty* will ensure that your car’s manufacturer replaces or fixes the effected part.

However, like with your TV, microwave or camera, once your warranty* or extended warranty* period is over, the cost of fixing or replacing any problem part like your engine, gearbox or clutch is no longer taken on by the manufacturer and will instead come out of your own back pocket.


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