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Car Insurance Premiums & excess

Car insurance is one of the most important types of insurance you can have. More and more insurance companies have started offering great value for money, and once you understand Car Insurance Premiums and Excess, you will be armed with all the information to select the best insurance partner.

To save on your *Car Insurance premiums, its as simple as paying attention to the following tips:

  • Let MotorHappy source a variety of quotes from South Africa's top insurance companies. Be straight forward and honest when it comes to your budget. If the insurance company knows how much you are able to pay, chances are they will negotiate a fair rate with you.
  • Take some time to think about the excess amount you choose. If you choose a high excess amount (i.e., the amount you are liable for when you have an accident your car is stolen), your monthly insurance premiums will be lower. However, be careful not to choose an excess amount that you won't be able to pay if needed. A lower excess amount might result in higher monthly premiums, but at least you know you are able to afford the excess when needed.
  • Buy a reasonable vehicle as this will guarantee reduced insurance premiums. Purchasing a high performing car of great value will guarantee you high premiums to match.
  • Safe parking for your vehicle is essential. When your car is parked on the streets, then your *Car Insurance premiums will be very high. Cars parked behind secured gates or in a garage will have lower car insurance premiums.
  • Always be careful and alert when driving. Those who aren't involved in a lot of accidents and don't claim often will enjoy lower premiums and in some cases, even cash-back rewards.
  • Consider not making use of the loan vehicle facility. This facility is normally catered for as a low additional fee with your monthly premiums. If you do not reuire a loan vehicle in the event of an accident, then your premiums will be slightly less.
  • So start saving now by applying the above tips and guidelines. You're armed with all the information to make a wise and informed decision that will protect you in the case of a vehicle accident or theft