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Common Insurance mistakes

When it comes to car insurance, there are things you might be doing that could risk your cover and needlessly increase your premium. Equip yourself with knowledge that could save you money.

When it comes to car insurance, there are things you may be doing that could risk your cover and needlessly increase your premiums. Look at our list of costly car insurance mistakes to avoid:

Telling ‘white lies’ on your policy 

Not telling the truth on your insurance policy or claim can cause a denial of coverage. If you leave out information or even lie about something, you may be costing yourself much more.

Not doing enough research before taking out cover 

The most affordable insurance cover is not always the best, and nor is the first option you find. You should always do some research on different plans as well as a cost analysis, weighing the price and benefits of policies. When considering car insurance, MotorHappy does the research for you https://www.motorhappy.co.za/plan/car-insurance. Once we understand what you're searching for, we will provide you with the selection of quotes from most of South Africa's most trusted insurers.

Skipping over the fine print 

You must know what you're covered for exactly, as well as what your excess is likely to be in case you have an accident. In many cases you're not covered for roadside support, rental cars, distress and medical, additional drivers who have got an accident, personal belongings that get lost from the car, and much more.

Not updating your details 

Make sure your insurance company has all your updated details because it might impact your insurance premium. For example, if you install an anti-theft device or park your car in a safer area, your insurance premium might go down.

Not reporting an accident to the police 

When you do not report an accident with another car to the police, you will not have a case number, and for that reason, you will not be able to have your claim processed. Try getting a case number as soon as possible after the incident to not just get the claim process started, but because, your memory of the accident will be fresh, and you will likely give more correct information.


Steps for getting your car Insured

Having insurance on your vehicle will protect you from disastrous financial loss if you are involved in an accident with an uninsured vehicle.

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