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Maintaining your car with an Extended Warranty

With an Extended Warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that should your car suffer major mechanical damages or electrical problems, you are covered and the costs will be paid for up to the limit on the option chosen. Usually, these breakdowns include items that are not covered by a Service or Maintenance Plan.

Cars have definitely become more expensive over time and buying a brand-new car, covered by the new manufacturer warranty, is not for everyone. When buying a secondhand car with a warranty that is close to expiry, it doesn’t really mean that you have to start worrying about unexpected mechanical failures as soon as the existing warranty is no longer valid. Today, there are a few trusted institutions that provide solutions to motorists in the form of warranty, service and maintenance plan extensions. 

Generally, an Extended Warranty is an insurance product that offers cover against the cost associated with labour and parts following mechanical breakdowns or electrical failures of a covered part. 

What is an Extended Warranty?

A car warranty provides you with financial assistance in the event of an unexpected mechanical breakdown or electrical failure of your vehicle that occurs during the period of the Extended Warranty contract.

What is included in an Extended Warranty?

When your cars manufacturer’ss warranty is near its end, it’s time to consider an Extended Warranty. The extended car warranty policy will usually cover you for the repair and replacements of various components stipulated within the respective policy’s specifications. Usually, an Extended Warranty policy will cover the repair and replacement cost for components of your car’s engine, air conditioner, gearbox, suspension, wheel bearings, turbo assembly, differentials etc to a certain value.

The benefits of an Extended Warranty

Being in a situation where your car suddenly breaks down is inconvenient and stressful. It can also lead to expensive repair costs, especially if you haven’t budgeted for this unexpected break down and repair cost. Generally, the benefits of an Extended Warranty are as follows:

  • Peace of mind with less stress and worrying about unexpected mechanical break downs and electrical failures
  • Fixed, affordable monthly costs to insure yourself against unforeseen break downs and electrical failures 
  • You don’t have to worry about inflation, parts or labour cost increases
  • Qualified technicians doing the repairs 

Maintaining your car with a Scratch&Dent Plan

We rely on our cars every day to get us from Point A to Point B, but with all this everyday commuting comes the risk of annoying chips, dents and scratches that puts a hamper over the beauty of our loved cars. Scratch & Dent Plan helps us budget for these unfortunate events. 

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