Updated: How young drivers can decrease their Car Insurance premiums

The cost of Car Insurance for drivers under the age of 25 is more expensive than for older people, because according to statistics, people under the age of 25 have the worst driving records, higher accident rates and more expensive accidents than other age groups.

Insurance companies generally deem young people high risk, owing to their lack of extensive driving experience, and therefore higher risk of accidents. However, there are ways that young people can decrease their premiums.

Here are our top tips:

 Choose a car with a smaller engine

Start thinking of car insurance even before you invest in a car, choosing a car with a smaller engine and a good safety rating. High-powered cars are considered more dangerous among younger drivers because they can achieve higher speeds. Features such as passenger and backseat airbags and anti-lock brakes help to lower premiums.

 Shop around for the best offer

Like anyone, young drivers should shop around to find the best insurance cover for them, at the best price with the best terms. Fully understand the policy before committing. For example, a higher excess might mean lower premiums, which can help in the short term. But if you are involved in an accident, can you afford to pay the excess amount?

Drive cautiously and take a defensive driving course

This sounds obvious but driving cautiously and within the speed limit will decrease your chance of an accident; this will in turn have a positive effect on premiums. The better your claims history is, the better your chances are of saving on premiums. Additionally, going on a defensive driving course can also help lower premiums because the course gives you better driving skills.

Only claim when you have to

If your car has small bumps and scratches, which you can afford to repair on your own, it might make more sense to do that than to claim through insurance. The more you claim, the higher your premium will be.

 Ensure your car’s safety

Ensuring your car’s safety is important for lower insurance payments. Keep the vehicle in a garage or somewhere safe at night if possible, and install a tracking device.

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