The Mercedes A-class: A technologically advanced hatchback

The completely redesigned Mercedes A-class has arrived in South Africa. It’s a premium hatchback with class leading technology and we think it might just be the most technologically advanced hatchback in the country. Here’s why.

The new A-class replaces its predecessor by using completely new parts, including a new engine for the A200 model. Mercedes says it’s impossible to mistake the new car with the older generation, which could be true as the visual appearance of the new A-class is far more eye catching and has a more futuristic look for both the exterior and interior. 


Engine specs and pricing for the A-class

The A-class makes use of Mercedes’ new engine technology in all models, which means improved performance, more reliability and less fuel consumption. So far only the A200 and A250 models have managed to make their way to the SA market, but we’re hoping we will see the fruity A35 and A45 AMG models later this year. There are rumours that the new A45 AMG could have more than 400-horsepower! Which would make the A45 the most power hatchback ever made, just toppling its Audi RS3 rival. 

The A200 model starts off the range with a 1.3 litre turbocharged petrol engine which manages to punch out 120kW/250Nm. The A200 accelerates from 0-100km in 8.2 seconds thanks to a responsive and quick shifting 7-speed dual-clutch automatic. Fuel consumption is narrowed down to a considerable 5.4L/100km thanks to the small 1.3 litre turbo-petrol.

The A250 model comes with a bigger engine 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine that cranks out 165kW/350Nm, reaching 0-100km in just 6.4 seconds. Just a heads up though, this model is expected to be slightly more thirsty than the A200 when compared to fuel consumption.

Unfortunately, being the most premium hatchback in the market, the Mercedes A-class is not exactly what you would call “cheap”. Pricing for the A200 starts @R499 000 and the A250 starts around R590 000.


Interior and technology advanced driving aids

Don’t worry, there the Mercedes A-class has much more to offer to help justify the sticker the price. The interior of the A-class is more then likely the most refined part of the hatchback. Quality is really the only word that can describe the materials and design layout for the interior. The infotainment screen is connected to the digital drivers displays and together the screen stretches across the one side of the dashboard and looks fantastic from either the driver or passenger seat. MBUX system has been installed for the infotainment system and is easy to control and can be controlled by voice demand “Hey Mercedes” system. 

The steering wheel controls can be programmed to control different features for the infotainment system. A touchpad has been added to control most of the vehicle’s technologies, but this can also be demanded through the voice activation. The build quality in the A-class is second to none, and features soft-touch material nearly everywhere. There is either an option of leather of alcantara  seats which both feel comfortable and supportive.

The A-class has the option of Mercedes Driving Assistance Package, which add driving aids such as:


  • Active Distance Assist
  • Active Speed Limit Assist
  • Active Steering Assist
  • Active Lane Change Assist
  • Active Emergency Stop
  • Cross-traffic function
  • Active Blind-spot Assist
  • Exit warning function

Verdict for the new Mercedes A-class

Mercedes has done a fantastic job with the new A-class in terms of leading the way in the hatchback segment. The build quality, design, luxurious refinement and class leading technology can’t be matched by any other automotive company in the hatchback market. Mercedes has paved the way for what a modern hatchback is capable of delivering as the Mercedes A-class simply the best available and feels years ahead of the competition at this point.

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