10 great Father’s Day gifts for car enthusiasts

10 of the best car enthusiastsFather’s Day gifts

Forget socks, soap on a rope and a mug… if the dad in your life is a car lover, then you need to get him a gift that speaks to his love of vehicles! Here are our top Father’s Day gift ideas for the motor-mad dads.

1.Digital Tyre Air Gauge KPA PSI Bar 3 Ranges (R130):

This is the perfect tool for ensuring your tyre pressure is up to standard with your car’s tyre recommendations. The gauge has a digital screen display, and with one click of a button, you’ll be able to see your tyre pressure.

2.Moto-Quip Car Vacuum Cleaner(R149):

This compact vacuum is handy for cleaning seats, and for getting to those hard-to-reach places.

3.Shield Ultimate Wash and Shine Kit(R185):

This six-piece cleaning kit consists of a wash plus wax car shampoo, wash and dry value pack, microfiber applicator pad, sheen silicone, sandal air freshener and a windscreen wash.

4.Shield Headlight Restoration Kit (R299):

This 10-piece set will give shine and clarity to cloudy, oxidised or discoloured headlights.

5.H4 conversion Car Kit LED Bulb (R475):

These two 36W 3800LM bulbs brighten a car’s headlight beams and take them from an original yellow beam colour to clear, white and modern.

6.Topline 2 Ton Trolley Jack(R299):

If the dad in your life is always working on his car, then he’ll appreciate this trolley jack as it makes lifting a heavy vehicle easier.

7.Viecar 4.0 ELM327 OBD2 Car Scanner for Android and IOS (R645):

This scanner is a multi-functional product that can transfer and analyse data rapidly from your car to your IOS or Android device, enabling you to detect any faults in your car. This device can even analyse your driving habits, and monitor your fuel consumption.

8.MOTO-Quip Car Cover (R689):

This waterproof car cover fits vehicles 4.1m to 4.3m and protects your car from all the elements. The cover is made from a silver grey weatherproof outer material and non-scratch soft inner lining, and can also be used to keep a car clean after it’s been washed or polished.

9.OptiMate 2 TM-420, 4 Step 12V 0.8A Battery Charger Maintainer (R719):

The OptiMate 2 extends the life and performance of a 12V battery when it’s mounted in a vehicle or battery-operated system that’s not in daily use, even in below-freezing temperatures. It also senses the battery condition, recharges it and keeps it 100% ready.

10.Mini Air Compressor 4x4 – 85L/Min (R1 250):

This compressor is useful for passenger tyres, and especially for 4x4 tyres after they’ve been deflated for off-road driving. It can also be used to pump up bicycle wheels, sports balls, lilos and more.

All prices correct at the time of publication

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