10 Steps to Maintain your car while driving it less during this time

The longer a vehicle sits the more likely it causes permanent damage to your car or a repair bill which is not ideal at the moment. We have put together some useful tips you can use during this time to make sure your car is running in good condition for the months to come. 

Car batteries die over time and the best way to prevent a dead battery is to drive your car at regular intervals. However, all batteries differ according to the age of a car, and the condition of the battery, the climate that you are living in and if you are parked indoors or outdoors. Idling your car can do the trick, however, driving your car around the block a few times is the best way to charge the battery. 

Driving your car regularly does wonder for the engine and other mechanicals from dying out. If a car sits for too long oil starts to settle, fluid begins to separate and the seals can begin to dry out. All causing serious damage to your vehicle. 

If a car sits for too long the tyres lose pressure, and the weight of the vehicle can cause flat spots to develop where the rubber meets the road. A weekly drive can also help avoid potential flat spots. 

A trickle charger is a device that plugs into a standard wall socket and attaches to a car battery's terminals is a great option for keeping a vehicle's battery charged if it can't be driven regularly. Keeping your car battery charged and car moving are very important, important steps to take if you are not driving frequently in the coming months. 

Cars should be parked in safe areas, and avoid parking near surfaces like grass or dirt where this can cause rust on the undercarriage of the car. 

Parking your car under a tree which drips sap can be a nightmare as well as parking a car where birds are known to congregate so their poop is not welcomed on your car. This will damage your car within hours.

Keeping your petrol tank filled up by topping it up once in a while, prevents condensation, prevents condensation from accumulating inside the tank. It also stops petrol fumes from building up to hazardous levels. Petrol is also much cheaper at the moment due to the pandemic.

A car cover can protect elements of a car. Make sure you clean your car thoroughly before putting it on, as putting a cover on a dirty car can cause more damage than good.

If you do not opt for a car cover, waxing and sealing will be another good option to keep your car in perfect showroom condition. 

Even though most people are driving less these days, they should still try to keep up a preventative maintenance schedule.

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