9 ways to save money on fuel while driving

9 ways to save money on fuel while driving

Fuel prices will jump to record highs on June 6 on the back of stronger international oil prices. Petrol is expected to rise by up to 85 cents a litre, and diesel by 87 cents.

Since your ride will be more expensive, we’ve put together some clever things you can do to be more fuel efficient and save on that next visit to the petrol station.

1. Ride smoothly

Don't accelerate quickly or stamp on the brakes – rather ride smoother and coast to a stop.

2. Stay in the higher gears

While the lower gears such as first and second are known as power gears as they generate more power, they also consume a lot more fuel. Tryuse the higher gears as much as possible without stalling your car. When appropriate, use your cruise control on a highway, which can also save on petrol.

3. Minimise the usage of air conditioners and seat warmers

Only use aircons and seat warmers when necessary as these increase fuel use too.

4. Keep your car maintained

Regular car maintenance such as air-filter changes, oil changes and spark plug replacements can improve your vehicle’s fuel economy.

5. Park in the shade

When you park in the shade, keep your car cool tominimise the evaporation of petrol.

6. Ensure correct tyre pressure:

Check your tyre pressure at least once a month. Under-inflated tires burn more fuel.

7. Don’t rev your engine

Revving your engine, particularly just before you turn the engine off wastes petrol unnecessarily.

8. Don’t leave your car idling

Don’t leave your car idling for more than a minute, as this consumes unnecessary fuel.

9. Don’t carry unnecessary cargo

The heavier your car is, the more fuel it will burn so try to only carry what is absolutely necessary.

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