Do not eat in your car

Since the inception of drive throughs, convenient food take out has become a go-to for all hungry drivers across the world. Many people experience a great amount of joy from eating in their cars, we unfortunately have a big BUT to this favourite activity of many. Eating in your car can cost you in the long run.

The inside of a car has many items which are crammed into a small space. This means there are even smaller spaces where germs love to sit. That means chips, burgers and tomatoes sauce can be left behind too. Your car is the least food-friendly location you will ever find.

Kitchen and dining room surfaces are much easier to clean and sanitise when food messes occur. The interior of your car, specifically the seats contain mainly fabric and this means the smells and remains of food get trapped. It is always a better idea to not eat food in your car so you do-not have an unpleasant odour in your car for your next car ride. Imagine the smell of spilt milk, we will leave that to your imagination.

Although we all may have busy lives and eating in the car may be the most convenient way, this is not always the healthiest way. Drive throughs tend to offer unhealthy options instead of something with nutrients and freshness. It is therefore much better to eat your meals outside of your car, prepare your lunches beforehand so you can eat at a table or eat at restaurant. By doing this your car will stay clear of rubbish, you will feel good and your car will smell great!

Nobody wants to buy a used car with old biscuits, crackers and chocolate all over the seats. Keeping your car in tip top condition will make it easier for you to sell your car in the long run. Adopt the “No Food” rule today and see the benefits to your car.

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