Have you tried these tips to keep your windshield clean?


Have you tried these tips to keep your windshield clean?


A clean windshield is paramount to your safety, especially on long road trips. As such, cleaning the car windows and the windshield is an important part of making them safe. Cleaning them before setting off might seem pretty straight-forward but the challenge lies in ensuring that it stays clean and does not affect visibility even when driven continuously through dusty and dirty terrains.

Today, we look at ways to properly clean the windshield and the windows in such a way that they stay spot-free and ensure that your long drives are as safe as they are fun.

The proper way to clean the glass before setting off:

Many drivers make the mistake of only cleaning the exterior glass. While this might be fine at first, there can be considerable dirt build-up on the inside that would impact visibility. You have to ensure the glass surface on both sides is as spotless as possible which not only means removing the dirt and grime that is already there but also making sure not to leave any stains, scratches or marks on the glass once you are done cleaning.

You can use the same cleaning solution on both surfaces. Any regular window cleaner works really well. You can also make a windshield cleaning solution using distilled water with dishwashing solution and a little bit of vinegar. Park your car in the shade while you’re cleaning so that the solution doesn’t evaporate too quickly, leaving streak marks.

Do not spray the cleaning solution directly onto the windows and the windshield, rather spray the cleaning solution onto a clean, microfibre cloth and use it to wipe the inner side of the glass in smooth circular motions. Make sure there are no smudges and get to all the corners as well. Avoid using paper towels as they do not last long and can scratch the glass surface.

Once the windows are clean, use a second microfiber cloth to give the windows a final wipe down.

How to keep the windshield clean on the road?

While it is impossible to control the atmosphere around you, it is possible to keep your windshield and the windows relatively clean while you’re on the road. Always keep your vehicle’s sprinklers filled with distilled water.

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Keep a pair of microfibre cloths and some cleaning solution stowed in the car. If the interiors get fogged up then don’t use your sleeves to wipe it down as it can leave scratches and blotches on the glass. Always keep a microfibre cloth with you in the glove compartment or in the side of your car door, anywhere that is easily accessible from the driver’s seat.

How to keep dust away?

A common problem experienced in South Africa is dust settling on the windshield and the windows and often times the only way to clean it is by stopping the car every now and then and wiping it down with a cloth.

However, we have a simple yet elegant solution to this. You can impede dust’s ability to cling to the glass surface by making the glass as slippery as possible. This can be achieved using any glass polishing or glazing agent. Just go to your local hardware store and look for products that are meant for polishing mirrors. They often are in liquid form and have clear and concise information on how to apply them. Just follow them to get a slippery surface on the outside of the windshield and the windows. They also last for a few weeks which means that you can keep the windows and the windshield clean through even the longest of long drives. Just make sure to use a product that is from a reputable brand.

Some final thoughts:

Regularly clean your car windshield and windows because a dirty windshield can make it difficult to see obstacles in your path and can also put strain on your eyes. Follow these simple methods and stay safe.

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