How young drivers can decrease their car insurance premiums


How young drivers can decrease their car insurance premiums



The cost of car insurance for drivers under the age of 25 is more expensive than for older people, but there are ways to decrease these premiums.


According to statistics, people under the age of 25 have the worst driving records, higher accident rates and more expensive accident than other age groups, which is why they’re the most expensive to insure.

Insurance companies generally deem young people as high risk, owing to their lack of extensive driving experience, and therefore higher risk of accidents. Males under 25 will also pay more than females. (Read more: Different types of car insurance)

Here are ways that young people can decrease their premiums:

1. Go on a defensive driving course

Going on an advanced driving course will improve a driver’s skills, and deem them safer drivers.

2. Choose a car with a smaller engine

High-powered cars are considered more dangerous among younger drivers, as they can increase the speed at which drivers drive.

3. Drive safely

This sounds obviousbut driving cautiously and within the speed limit will decrease your chance of an accident, which will have a positive effect on premiums (this applies to older drivers too, of course).

4. Shop around

Like anyone, young drivers should shop around to find the best cover for them, at the best price. (This article is a good starting point: Understand your car insurance)

5. Choose a higher excess if you can

If you can afford it in the event of accident, choose a higher excess so that you can pay less for your monthly premiums.

6. Ensure the car’s safety

Keep the vehicle in a garage or somewhere safe at night if possible, and install a tracking device for if the car gets stolen. These steps will ensure a lower premium.Click here to read more on how to you can prevent your car from being stolen.

7. Establish a good claims track record

The better your claims history is, the better your chances are of saving on premiums.

8. Enhance the car’s safety features

Features such as passenger and backseat airbags and anti-lock brakes help to lower premiums.

For a free quotation, or ways to decrease premiums if you’re 25 or younger, head to MotorHappy. You can get a consultant to call you, or you can call or send an online request.

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