Our top 10 car maintenance tips

Keeping your car running in top-notch condition is easier than you think. We’ve rounded up 10 essential car maintenance tips that will help you to enjoy many trouble-free years of service from your car.

  Check tyre pressure and tread depth:

The tyre is one of the most important parts of the car and is crucial to your ability to properly control the car. Always check that the tyres are properly inflated as an under-inflated tire can increase fuel-consumption, be prone to punctures and make the car erratic to drive. The tread depth is important as it determines the life of the tire and its ability to stop under sudden braking.

  Monitor fluid levels:

The car has a circulatory system quite complex with fluids in everything from the steering rack to the engine. Monitor the level of these fluids to ensure that all the parts work smoothly with minimal wear and tear. This is also a good way of knowing when the car needs a service. Manage the costs associated with car services with a Service Plan through MotorHappy.

  Look out for warning lights and be aware of what they mean:

Delete this entire sentence: Not every trouble that might arise would be apparent at first and by the time they do, it might be too late. Warning lights will let you know beforehand what might be wrong and that is why it is equally important to know what the different warning lights signify so you can take the appropriate action.

  Replace the air filter and spark plugs after the recommended duration:

The car’s manual will have the replacement time durations listed and follow these diligently. A clogged up filter or a misfiring spark plug can have a massive impact on the performance of the car and can even cause permanent damage.

 Regularly wash and wax the car:

The looks of a car are quite important both visually and structurally. The last thing you want is for that shiny exterior to get discoloured and start rusting. Keeping the exteriors cleans and waxing them regularly protects the car and keeps it looking like new.

  Carry out routine checks:

Do a visual inspection of the car and the area it is parked in. This will allow you to spot leaks and other minor faults. Also check for any odd sounds and unwanted vibrations which can be good indicators of impending trouble. If it is something you can get to the root of and can fix then do so, else take the help of a professional. <- Delete this entire sentence

  Ensure the health of the electrical systems:

The modern car would be rendered worse than useless without its electrical system. Ensure that the battery contacts are clean and that there are no sparks in any of the cables and electrical contacts. Keep an eye out for instruments behaving weirdly or lights flickering.

  Stick to the recommended octane rating:

You might be tempted to go for petrol with a rating higher than what is recommended to boost performance, but this can push the engine beyond its optimal operating range and cause permanent damage. A lower octane fuel can also have similar adverse effects.

  Check the wheel rotation and alignment:

If the engine sounds labored even at low speeds then chances are high that the wheel is not rotating freely. Have it checked by a professional. Also do regular checks on the alignment as a set of wheels out of alignment can really impact the driveability of the car. A Maintenance Plan through MotorHappy will help you manage these unexpected but inevitable costs.

  Read the owner’s manual:

While most products we buy come with owner’s manuals, they are usually useless and a waste of paper. A car’s owner’s manual does not belong in that category as it will tell you everything you need to know about keeping the car running in great shape. Everything from the recommended life of replacement parts to the meaning of different warning lights and signs can be found in it.

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