Our top tips: Save thousands of rands on petrol

Every little bit adds up, and when it comes to cars, if you drive economically you can save money on petrol every month. Add that up every month, and you could have some extra cash for essential items or simply to spoil yourself.

Below are a few of our best tips for driving more economically. However, if you drive an old car that guzzles petrol, you might want to consider buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle if it’s within your means. Did you know you can sell your car and buy a new car through our MotorHappy partners? Click here to get started.

Tips to save money on petrol

Don't accelerate quickly or stamp on the brakes – rather ride smoother and coast to a stop.

With the Demerit System coming into effect soon, if you stay within the speed limit you can save money simply by avoiding fines. You can also save money on petrol - all cars lose fuel economy at speeds above 90km/h, so driving at 80km/h instead of 100 km/h will reduce your fuel costs drastically.

First and second gear might generate more power for your car, but they also consume a lot more fuel. Try use the higher gears as much as possible. When appropriate, use your cruise control on a highway, which can also help you save on petrol.

Only use aircons and seat warmers when necessary as these increase fuel use too.

When you park in the shade, your car is kept cool, which minimises the evaporation of petrol. It protects your paint, too!

Under-inflated tires burn more fuel.

The heavier your car is, the more fuel it will burn. Minimising the load of your car can go a long way in reducing your fuel consumption.

Regular maintenance will help your car achieve its most efficient fuel economy.

Some overlooked maintenance items (like a dirty air filter) can increase your fuel cost up to 13%. The majority of maintenance plans include such items, so investing in a comprehensive plan can help you save on fuel long-term.

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