How to ensure your vehicle is safe for holiday driving

Driving to a holiday destinations these holidays? Roads during the holiday season are more dangerous, so it’s advisable to take extra precautions to ensure your car is checked, and any maintenance done before you head off.

Follow this checklist before you leave to ensure a safer holiday drive:

• If you hear any strange noises coming from your car, get it checked out, as it might be a sign that you need some routine maintenance. Waiting until something breaks is not only dangerous, but it can cost you more in the long run, plus that problem could get worse while you’re on your journey.


• Check your tyre pressure and tread depth. Also check the wear on all your tyres. Uneven wear could indicate a worn steering component, or an over- or underinflated tyre, or bad alignment. Get your tyres balanced and alignedand replace any that are badly worn. Make sure that your car has a spare tyre in good condition, as well as the correct tools if you need to change one. Read our blog post on how to take care of your tyres

• Fill the windshield washer reserve

• Replace wiper blades if necessary

• Get your car battery tested

• Pack a first aid kit that includes basic first-aid contents such as plasters, painkillers, disinfectant, cotton wool and Burnshield, for example.

• Ensure you have adequate car insurance in place, and that you have all emergency numbers on hand. Also check that you have cellphone chargers on hand.

While driving:

- Buckle in and check that your passengers are too. Infants need to be in car seats.

- Take a break every two hours on the road, and if you’re feeling tired, rather take a break than risk falling asleep at the wheel. Get some air, stretch your legs and refuel yourself before heading out again. If necessary, ask a passenger driver (if there is one), to take over the driving.

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