Services to use if you want to go out drinking


Services to use if you want to go out drinking



With so many different lifting services available, there is simply no excuse for drinking and driving. Here are services you use so you can go out and have fun, and still be safe on the roads



Uber is an on-demand transportation service in South Africa’s major cities, which you can connect to via an app on your phone. Within minutes, your ride will be at you, and take you to where you want. You also have the option of three types of Uber rides: X (most affordable), Black (luxury car) or van (for more than four people).


Taxify works similarly to Uber, via an app.

Scooter Angels

This is a good service if you haven’t planned on drinking, and don’t want to leave your car overnight, or if you want to head to your destination in your own car.

When you need a lift, you simply phone Scooter Angels, and they’ll send two “angels” to you – one to drive your car home, and the other to collect the driver after.

They operate in major South African cities and towns, including East London, George and Nelspruit. You don’t need to be a member of Scooter Angels to use their services, but fares are cheaper if you are.

Good Fellas

Good Fellas is another “take me home” service, that operates in big cities and towns. You can order your lift via an app on your phone, and there are various services to choose from, like being driven home from a venue in your car, or getting a chauffeur driver for six hours in your car.

You don’t need to be a member to use Good Fellas, but if you are, you can get discounts.

Sober Chauffeur

Sober Chauffeur offers various corporate and individual “take me home” services in the major cities, and several options for teenagers. How it works is that you phone the call centre an hour before you want to be picked up, and on arrival, you’ll get an SMS from the driver.

1 For The Road

1 For The Road operates in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, and to book a driver to drive your car home, you just need to call at least two hours before you need a driver. You can also order a driver in advance.

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