Shopping for a used car? Heres how to do it

Shopping for a used car is riskier than buying new – there’s generally more unknown, plus can you trust all the information you’re given about the history? Having said that, there are many cheap, second hand cars in South Africa and one of them just might be your next set of wheels!

We have some tips on how to make a great buying decision, plus we have a fleet of more than 4 000 popular makes and models of used cars for sale, which can be viewed on our website for previously loved cars.  All our cars have a proven service record, and have undergone a stringent 116-point quality assurance check. We can also arrange finance and insurance for the vehicles, which span more than 14 brands and seven car types.

Go for a test drive 
This is the most obvious way to find out if you like the car, and if anything seems wrong with it. Also sit in the back seat to see what it’s like as a passenger, and preferably try driving on the highway and in a suburb to get a feel for both. (Read more: How to test drive a car)

If you have children or an adventurous lifestyle, check that your car will fit all your gear such as prams, infant car seats, bikes and more. Ask yourself if the car ticks all your boxes when it comes to comfort, safety and drivability.

Check reviews for the make and model  

Do your research and see what the car’s strengths and weaknesses are. Look beyond the aesthetics of a car and assess its worth based on safety, comfort and driveability. Check out the car reviews on our blog.