The FitCar PPV: a car with bike pedals

The FitCar PPV: a car with bike pedals

Imagine a car that you can cycle? The FitCar pedal-powered vehicle could be the future of healthier driving

If you want to get healthier while you drive, and be more environmentally friendly, then you might like the idea of the FitCar PPV, a modified vehicle that has bicycle pedals instead of an accelerator and brakes.

According to Auto Evolution, this prototype is a modified Audi A4 Avant, and is the idea of businessman Nasser Al Shawaf and engineering company BPO, run by Oscar Brocades Zaalberg. The Audi was chosen for its ergonomics, allowing for enough room when cycling, and comfort too.

Zaalberg says that he hopes car makers will consider including their technology in future vehicles, either as a standalone option or as an extra feature. He also wants more investors to get involved so that he can build foldable pedals, which will allow drivers to switch between two modes of travelling, depending on the traffic and mood.

In a statement to The Sun, Al Shawaf said that people are increasingly time poor and unfit. “The FitCar PPV provides at least part of the solution to these two problems for those of us wishing to exercise more, but without the time to do it.”

FitCar has already been trialled in the Netherlands, and no reports at this time have been publicised.

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