The most dangerous things people do when driving


The most dangerous things people do when driving



We know that it’s illegal to use a cellphone when driving, as being distracted could lead to fatal accidents. There are other risky things that drivers are guilty of, that you probably haven’t even thought were dangerous. Here they are:


Road rage

Driving when you’re angry not only causes you to lose focus, but it leads to more aggressive driving, which can in turn cause accidents.

Eating while driving

Munching on a fruit might not be a problem, but eating something like your morning cereal with a spoon not only takes your hand away from the wheel for longer, but a spill could take your eyes – and focus – off the road.


Even if there’s a book or newspaper on your steering wheel, which means you don’t have to take your eyes too far off the road, your attention is on what you’re reading, when it should be 100% on the road.

Fiddling with a GPS

You might need some direction but punching in a new address or checking out your route gets your eyes off the road. Rather stop and resetor set everything before you start your drive.

Applying makeup

When you apply makeup, you take your eyes off the road and onto your mirror and your face. Rather arrive safely at your destination without your lipstick or mascara.

Turning around to deal with the kids

Whether you’re trying to break up a fight, or just looking lovingly at your child in the back, those few seconds can cost you. (An important safety tip: Is your child buckled in safely?)

Changing clothes

If you’re taking off items of clothing or shoes, it’s likely your hands won’t be on the wheel, or your foot will be off the brake, or your seatbelt unbuckled. This leaves you vulnerable, and not completely in control.

Driving with a child or pet on your lap

It’s extremely unsafe for kids or pets to ride on your lap, plus they could get in your way. The same goes for unrestrained dogs and kids at the back.

Driving with headphones

There’s nothing wrong with listening to music, but wearing headphones cuts you off from the noise outside, whether it’s the sound of a hooter or the screech of brakes, which could alert you to danger, and divert you from an accident.

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