The pros and cons of trading in a car


The pros and cons of trading in a car



Not sure whether to trade in, or try on your own and sell for cash? We give you some trade-in pros and cons


Trade-in pros

You only deal with the dealer

When trading in, you only need to communicate with one person, which can save you lots of time and hassle.

You’re not responsible for fixing up the car

When you trade in your car at a dealership, they will be responsible for any repair work needed. Just remember though that the better shape your car is in, inside and out, the better trade-in price you’ll get. Keep your car in tip-top shape throughout it’s lifetime with a MotorHappy service plan.

It’s a quick process

A dealership can offer it all – the buying, selling, financing paperwork and more, which can save you time and a lot of admin.

You don’t have to deal with difficult or angry buyers

Some buyers might have high demands or complain about the car during the buying process. Since a dealership is eager for your business, they’ll more likely be easier to deal with. A buyer might also come to you after the sale with complaints or issues, which you can avoid by going through a dealership.

It’s fairly easy

It’s usually easier to find a dealership to buy your car than selling it privately, plus it takes time and effort to find a buyer on the various selling platforms. Dealerships will also take the trade even if money is still owed on the car being sold.

Trade-in cons

You might get less money for your car

While it’s convenient trading in your car, the amount offered by a dealership could be much less than if you were selling it privately.

You have limited buying options

When you trade in at a dealership, you can only choose what they have on offer to buy. Ensure they have cars you like, before you start negotiating selling yours.

Did you know?

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