Tips for spring cleaning your car

It’s been a long winter, but spring is finally here and it’s time to give everything that wonderful fresh spring feeling – including your car. It’s easy to forget just how much time we spend in our cars, and that our cars need to be cleaned just as often as our homes.

Wash your car often, not just to keep it looking good, but for preservation too.

Below we highlight a few spring cleaning hacks to get your car feeling like new again:

Wash your tyres and wheels

If you do a lot of city driving, which includes braking often, dust will collect in your wheels and tyres. Make sure you wash your rims and your tyre walls, too. Invest in a product that helps your tyres shine.

Deep clean your seats and invest in seat covers

If you have leather seats, give them a good polish. If you have cloth seats, vacuum them and deep clean with some upholstery-safe detergent and a stiff brush. Don’t forget to wash your floor mats and carpet too.

Car seat covers are useful for keeping your car in tip top condition, especially if you use your car to transport children and animals. To stop mess in your backseat from children’s messy play and dog fur, seat protectors are your answer.

Get a mini car trash bin

Place a car trash bin in a designated place. You can even buy specific car trash bags that are small enough to fit into your cup holders.

 Get a folder or file for your cubby hole

Is your glove compartment filled with unnecessary paper and clutter? Clean it out, and then keep all important documents that need to be in your car in a small file folder. Smart tip: Join MotorHappy Drive (for free) and create your own online vault where you can store all important car documents. Click here to find out more.

Get your car smelling brand new

Use a mini diffuser with your favourite essential oils. The diffuser will let out continuous mist and keep your car smelling like your favourite scent.

 Keep baby wipes in your car

Baby wipes are perfect to do a quick clean of your car at a red light or even a panic clean when you have an unexpected passenger joining your journey. You can dust and wipe down your interior.

 Wipe the console

Wipe the consoles with a wet cloth or dashboard cleaner. Be careful not to wet any electrical connections. Don’t forget the cup holders!

Shine windows and mirrors

Use a window cleaner to clean the inside and outside of your windows, as well as your mirrors. Dry the glass immediately afterwards with some newspaper – it gets all the streaks out.

 Clean the boot

Remove all the junk that collected in your boot during winter and vacuum the entire space. This is a good time to check your spare tyre and your emergency kit.

Sometimes there’s only so much washing and polishing you can do, and you aren’t able to get rid of those tiny scratches. MotorHappy offers a Scratch and Dent Cover that will protect you from those unwanted and inevitable scratches. It will even cover you for minor interior damages. For more information on this scratch and dent cover, click here.

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