Updated: Protect your car from sun damage

Just like your skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful rays, so does your car. It seems obvious that the sun can affect your car’s dashboard and the exterior paint finish, but did you know the engine is also at risk?

The sun can damage your vehicle, resulting in faded, dull sections on the car’s paint finish, cracked interior panels and leather, and insufficient water levels in the engine bay due to evaporation. Hot tar or pavements cause your tyres to lose air pressure and become under-inflated.

The heat could also cause engine fluids to evaporate. High temperatures in the fuel tank creates air bubbles and over time your tank might crack because of too much pressure.

How to protect your car from sun damage

  • Wax your vehicle for extra layers that can protect it from the sun’s strong ultraviolet rays.
  • Park in the shade
  • Wash and hand dry your car often to remove dust and dirt particles
  • Check tyre pressure often when it’s hot

  • Use a windscreen protector
  • Install seat covers
  • Protect leather seats with a conditioner
  • Wipe dash often with a low-gloss product

  • Ensure car services are up to date. Change belts and fluids as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer
  • The heat causes fluids to evaporate, so regularly check motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid levels
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